A Mc Kean resident WINS the Whole Fresh Roasted Pig at the Rib Fest!

by Admin on September 15, 2011


When you visited the 2011  – Erie’s Wild Rib Cook Off & Music Festival and walked along Rib Row you couldn’t miss seeing the fresh whole pig roasting on the spit.  This fresh 70+ pound whole pig was provided by a local company Walters’ Meats and tended by the grill masters in the Bad Wolf Barbecue Booth.

All day, the Friday of Rib Fest, people filled out a card for a free chance to win the Whole Fresh Roasting Pig.  As the day progressed the slow-cooked pig took on a golden glazed appearance and by late Friday is was ready to be the main course at one lucky winners private party.  At the end of the day, a name was drawn from the basket of entries and we are pleased to report that Penny Keller is the WINNER!!!  Penny received the call on Friday evening that she was the lucky winner of the FREE DRAWING for the Fresh Roasted Pig and she was elated.


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