If you are looking for unforgettably tender ribs that are also bursting with flavor, you will find them at Armadillo’s BBQ.  The team has been smoking delicious meat and winning prestigious awards for more than 20 years.  They have won national recognition for titles including Best Ribs more times than they are willing to brag about.    

The owner, Ann “Nikki” Haggerty, purchased the team in 2021 and is more than excited to take on the challenge of continuing Armadillo’s legacy.

Nikki grew up cooking BBQ with her father.  Her dad taught her everything she knows about the business, from the importance of using the right rub to understanding the different flavors created by specific types of wood.  Traveling around with her dad’s competition rib team since before she could drive a car, Nikki always dreamed of having her very own team.  

Being a woman has its challenges in such a competitive industry, but Nikki has not been intimidated.  She has worked elbow to elbow with some of the best BBQ cookers in the States for thirty years so that she would never need to feel inferior.  And, inferior she is not!  When asked about the reality of being a woman and owning the BBQ team, she said, “Why would being a woman matter, shouldn’t it only matter that my ribs are awesome?”

When it comes to cooking an unbeatable rib, this girl has it down!