Who is Desperado’s

In 1987, while searching for a used car in a magazine, Lee stumbled upon the personal ad of Donna. Their love grew and a marriage followed. With Lee’s business background and Donna’s home economics teaching background, another marriage in the form of Desperado’s BBQ was formed. They laud from Hinckley, Ohio, the home of the buzzards. They traveled across the country with immediate success winning award after award.

Their awards include two time Best Ribs in America awards including a $15,000 prize. They traveled to many of the states and have won over 400 1st Place awards in 27 different states. They have won 1st place in Reno, Fort Wayne, Elkhorn, WI, Fargo, St Augustine, and Tulsa to name a few. They have also won 1st Place in Erie, Butler, Pittsburgh, South Park, Greensburg, and York rounding out the Pennsylvania circuit.

Desperado’s has three sauces for the patrons to customize their tender ribs, brisket, pulled pork, sausage, and many other delights. Just watch out for their Hotter Than H sauce! All of their BBQ is gluten and MSG free. They also have combination platters for the BBQ lover who loves it all and wants to make it their way.

After her husband’s passing in 2012 the winnings continued. How does Donna feel about being one of very few women in the male dominated BBQ business? They call her the BBQ queen. She says that when you surround yourself with a good team of workers and support staff to do the heavy lifting and mechanical work, the sky is the limit for a woman. Never count her out or underestimate her. You too will be “licking their ribs” as their slogan says and coming back for more.