When you ask Petey Marshall how he became so passionate about creating award-winning Barbecue, BBQ Rubs, and his own Barbecue “Secret Sauces,” you’ll quickly understand it was, without a doubt, in his DNA to become one of the country’s best BBQ Entrepreneurs. At 26, he’s been winning Barbecue contests all over the country for the past 7 years.

Born in Mobile, Alabama, Petey’s Mother and “Grammy,” his Maternal Grandmother, would prepare BBQ, as he describes, “low and slow,” or on lower temperatures, and for longer periods of time than most. And it was always about what he terms “The Three Ts: Texture, Tenderness, and Taste.In his world, BBQ Ribs, Brisket, Pork, or Chicken would be so aesthetically pleasing, Petey describes, “you’d first want to eat it with your eyes before your taste buds had the opportunity to experience the frenzy of so many rich, enticing flavors all their own.” Often, their BBQ meat would be served without the typical Barbecue sauces which many BBQ enthusiasts associate with tangy and succulent, fall-off-the-bones Barbecue Ribs. That, he so aptly explains, is because the smoky aroma of any of their BBQ meats gave way to their own trifecta of mouthwatering sensations, with their meat so tender, it literally, Petey describes, “melted in your mouth like butter.” Make no mistake, however. Petey learned from a very young age that any piece of barbecued meat should never be anything less than.


Each year during the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, the city of Mobile, Alabama would host its largest Barbecue competition, open to anyone who wanted to be a vendor and serve-up their own version of what they deemed to be the best BBQ in the land. Because Petey had taken over the Family tradition of preparing BBQ from the age of 9, his Family encouraged him to enter the renowned competition in 2012. By this time, Petey was 19 and had begun to create his own BBQ Rubs and “Secret Sauces,” too. Despite a $300 entry fee and no real or professional equipment to compete against other, so-called Barbecue culinary experts, Petey’s Family raised $1,000 for him to enter the competition. 

With a Tent that had just three legs, a beat-up, old, six feet Banquet Table, and a backyard grill, Petey was determined to show his competition and the 6,000 people who would come from around the world that his Barbecue was the best. Just $700 remaining, Petey bought all the meat he could. Over the two-day event, he would run out of his delectable BBQ one hour before the competitions official closing time, and before the 20 Judges, who would come from all over the country, cast their votes among the 78 vendors who participated. At least 8 of the 20 Judges owned their own, award-winning BBQ Restaurants all over the United States. It was a competition neither for amateurs nor the faint at heart. Petey came in 4th Place, earning prize money which reimbursed him some of his expenses. But that was only the beginning.


Over the past 7 years, Petey would acquire what he refers to as his “Restaurant on Wheels,” traveling from Long Beach, California to Bangor, Maine, where he would meet two men who would change his life, along with a host of thousands of people who would become his regular customers at annual BBQ events held across the nation. Solomon Williams, owner of Carolina Rib King in South Carolina, and Rico Vega, owner of Cowboy BBQ and Company in Texas, would cross paths with Petey at one of these events. Continuing to win award after award for his famously-revered Barbecue, with his own recipes and creations of BBQ Rubs and his “Secret Sauces,” Solomon Williams and Rico Vega saw something incredibly special in Petey, besides his award-winning Barbecue. They saw a young man who also wanted to change the world not only with his passion for his BBQ and BBQ products, but also with his winning philosophy on life: to serve-up his Barbecue to every single customer with a smile and a fervent need to give back to every community to which he and his “Restaurant on Wheels” traveled. Each of these men became a Mentor and shared their successes and failures to Petey. They taught him how not to make some of the mistakes they’d made along their journeys. They saw in Petey the human spirit which defies all odds, and his innate ability and skills to be a tried-and-true young, accomplished Entrepreneur. They gave him advice about adding to his BBQ Rubs and “Secret Sauces.” Petey’s continued success would be their success, as well. Folks all over the country couldn’t wait for the annual ‘Rib Fests’ in their communities, not only because they loved Petey’s Barbecue, but also because they loved Petey, too, and his infectious smile and contagious spirit of unity in every community of which he felt Blessed to be a servant.


When you ask Petey Marshall what’s next for him, his company, and his award-winning BBQ Products, he definitely has a map of his future plans. First, he’s also developed a SWAG GEAR line of Hip-Hop style clothing related to his famous Barbecue slogans. He intends to begin selling those items in his online store here in the extreme, near future. Next, he intends to roll-out his soon-to-be-patented famous BBQ Rubs and Barbecue “Secret Sauces” on his online store, too, within the first Quarter of 2020, another way of giving back to his loyal customers he’s developed over the past 7 years all across the country, products which just also happen to be in great demand! In the next two years, he intends to have his famous BBQ Products in every retail store and chain in the United States and perhaps even worldwide. Within the next 6 years, his goal is to open his own Barbecue Restaurant in Ohio, where he now resides, along with one in his beloved hometown of Mobile, Alabama and then Bangor, Maine. When asked about why he’s chosen Bangor, Maine as his third stop for a brick and mortar BBQ Restaurant, he’ll happily tell you that the people of that beloved city love HIM with a passion. Used to mostly cuisine in the seafood category, Petey has built a huge relationship with the people of that Eastern Seaboard city, who have always been intensely loyal to him and his prized Barbecue, savory dishes otherwise not available to the good folks there. 

With 3 Flavors of BBQ Rubs and 4 Flavors of “Secret Sauces,” Petey also intends to grow those flavors to what he hopes to be another half-dozen or more among both categories. He draws an analogy to his life as it relates to his famous Barbecue. Petey so eloquently stated: “To explain my life in BBQ terms, it’s not among the classics like hot dogs or apple pie, but instead, in a league all its own.” To that, we all say we couldn’t agree more, Petey!