The Dock Boys are a diverse high energy duo that formed in the US Virgin Islands in early December of 2010. Boyd Baker was playing a boring country club gig in San Diego when Matt Kramer invited him to join forces and perform together at outdoor venues on the island of St. Thomas, and the duo has been on tour ever since, playing over 200 shows a year from the shores of Lake Erie to the Florida Keys.

These days their routine is to migrate to Southwest Florida in the winter and then travel to their hometown of Erie PA every summer, allowing them to play outdoor gigs year-round. Both Boyd & Matt play instruments and sing a wide variety of popular songs, ranging from up beat tropical music to classic rock to blues & jazz to MoTown to new country. Their focus is to play fun lively music that has proven to appeal to fans of all ages, from pre-schoolers on the dance floor to grandma sitting in a chair singing along 🙂