When it comes to cooking ribs and creating special sauces, Carolina Rib King is in a league of its own. Over the past 15 years “The Carolina Rib King” has emerged as one of the top rib cookers in North America.

A native of Georgetown, South Carolina, Solomon Williams who is known in the BBQ circles as King Solomon clings to his Gullah heritage by combining the tastes of the low county with succulent meat. Growing up in the low country of South Carolina, grilling meat was a way of life and prepared to enjoy with family and friends. The Rib King gained most of his cooking knowledge from his grandfather and father. But he created his own authenticity, by adding his own touch of herbs and spices. With Carolina Rib King, King Solomon has combined his love of people, his honor of heritage and his passion for barbecuing to create a food masterpiece.

After cooking for years, in 1996, King Solomon decided to turn his hobby into a career. He formed a cooking team of family and friends and quickly became know as “The Carolina Rib King”. In 1996, his team competed in their first cook off in Tryon, NC where they placed sixth in the whole hog competition. Later in 1998, they won their 1st championship. Since 1998, The Carolina Rib King cooking team has been sweeping the country and racking up on the awards. Today they compete in over 15 shows a year from West Palm Beach, Florida to Toronto, Ontario while stopping along the way in Charleston WV, Bismouth, SD, Cleveland, OH, Erie, PA, St Germain, WI and Winston Salem, NC and more. Now they not only win in the whole hog competition, but have won in every category including Greatest Ribs, Greatest Sauce, Pulled Pork, Brisket,Chicken, People’s Choice and Grand Champion.

The company has grown from its roots of participating in only the barbecue cook offs. Today, we not only compete in the competition but also set up shop and vend to the public. With a traveling a kitchen including a walk-in freezer and hot running water servicing the public is easy. In fact you could consider us to be a moveable restaurant.

Over the years our demand has grown significantly so today we produce about 1000 slabs of ribs and 1000 lbs of pork or beef a day. To ensure our meat is always fresh, it is specially delivered to every venue where we are cooking. By turning our passion for grilling into our living, we have made our motto of “Grilling for a Livin'” a reality. As we say, “When your livin’ is on the line, your grillin’ has got to be fine”.