Founded in 1989 after a decorated military career, Johnson’s BBQ represents the culmination of over 75 years of this family BBQ tradition. With 36 years of experience in satisfying everyone from connoisseurs to small children, Colonel Dan Johnson has been satisfying taste buds nationwide to critical acclaim. Come out to the Erie’s Wild Rib Cook Off & Music Festival and find out why for yourself!

In 1989 after a Military Service career spanning assignments from combat units to the General’s staff, Colonel Dan Johnson recognized a glaring problem in his new home of Hampton Roads. There was a significant lack of quality BBQ in the area. Undeterred and now determined the Q-Colonel sought to address this need. Armed with a deep and rich history of BBQ spanning over 75 years he knew only one way to address this issue, to deploy all of the knowledge and skills he had learned in his career to the principal of delivering quality BBQ. Opening his restaurant, he immediately recognized an increase in community morale! Mission Accomplished! Or was it? 

Quickly Colonel Johnson realized this issue was a nationwide one and sought to correct this as well. He also began to travel across the country, bringing his signature BBQ flavor and grand personality to families all throughout the nation. Equipped with custom smokers and a battle plan that includes 3 sauces and smoking high quality meats up to 16 hours, the Colonel began to rack up the awards and accolades. He has been awarded BBQ honors over 550 times!! He’s been recognized by everyone from celebrities to Former President Bill Clinton! Even still, the Q Colonel remains humble and family oriented, often spotted with his family at RibFest’s.

So don’t be shy, stop by and find your new favorite Q, Johnson’s BBQ!!!   

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