Michael Loveranes
Outlaw Barbecue Revolution

Cowboy Mike and the Outlaw Barbecue Revolution are back to represent Erie and to remind the visiting Ribbers what made them the People’s Choice. The Outlaw team has carved out their niche with a distinctive flavor to produce a multiple award winning menu that the hometown crowd has come to know and love. Their secret ingredient lies within the reason they love barbecue. They understand that good barbecue feeds people on many different lives and throughout its history, barbecue has been a way of bringing people together. Setting the stage for people to connect and be social. Those who know, understand that it takes time and patience to develop the skill into an art. It is a blessing that barbecue cannot be rushed. Like we do in life, Cowboy Mike and team will continually learn and practice the craft of barbecue to push the boundaries of creating both the tangible and intangible because it’s not about living an easy life. It’s about living a life that is worth it. 

When he’s not out serving tasty barbecue, Cowboy Mike is grateful that he is able to help organizations like EmergyCare, the Anna Shelter and the Autism Society of NW PA to raise funds to continue their mission to aid the local community. He desires to cement himself and the Outlaws as stewards of the community by laying a foundation that will encourage growth and prosperity for the community as a whole. One way Outlaw Barbecue Revolution gets to hold true to this commitment is by pledging to donate percentage of all of their proceeds from the 2024 Erie’s Wild Rib Cook Off & Music Festival to COTA (Children’s Organ Transplant Association) in honor of Jonahs Journey to assist with a lifetime of transplant-related expenses. More information about Jonahs Journey can be viewed on the official campaign website, which is accessible via the Linktree link below.

New to the game this season, Cowboy Mike has partnered with Bob and Lauren Hammer, founders of GramE’s Kitchen and their fastly famous GramE’s Mix. This delightfully, delicious snack mix is one of a kind and is rapidly becoming a well-known local staple for snack foods in Erie County. You won’t find anything like it anywhere because it is lovingly handcrafted with the comfort of family tradition and seasoned with creative involvement of the community. GramE’s Mix is beloved for its diverse and bold flavors. In our tough economic times, GramE’s Mennonite ideals of doing a lot with a little allow us to price affordably for customers, which makes it a comforting and sensible choice that warms your heart, tantalizes your tastebuds, and keeps your pocketbook happy. If you’re vigilant, you might even glimpse it on the shelf of your neighborhood Country Fair in the near future. For far more than these reasons, Outlaw Barbecue Revolution is proud to make GramE’s Mix a permanent choice for its treasured patrons.

Before we forget, Bob & Lauren shared these kind words about about their experience with Cowboy Mike, as well as some things they are looking forward to: “Under the mentorship and guidance of Cowboy Mike, paired with the ideals of giving back to the community, GramE’s Kitchen has swiftly become a viral sensation in Erie County, and surrounding areas and was recently spotlighted on TalkErie Radio as an up and coming viral business. Collaboration efforts between GramE’s Kitchen and Outlaw Barbecue Revolution have only just begun!”

Beyond business Cowboy Mike loves helping others perfect their own BBQ pit prowess. Jake Stumpf, McKeesport, Pennsylvania resident and fan of Discovery Channel’s TV show: Undercover Billionaire, was most generous in sharing this story about what happened after he introduced himself to Cowboy Mike at Erie’s Ribfest: “Cowboy Mike has helped me with more than one method of smoking meats from pulled pork to brisket. They were all beyond excellent! I usually would message him a week before a party or a get together with friends and family and he would give me a method that would make the meat texture and taste perfect I would get tons of compliments and praise for the meats I would smoke. I am really appreciative of Cowboy Mike from helping me from being a beginner on the smoker to smoking the best meats I ever had. He knows the ins and outs of smoking meats and loves to share his skill. “

Cowboy Mike’s influence in barbecue even goes beyond the borders of Pennsylvania. He recently has collaborated with an overseas company to help provide guidance to would-be grill enthusiasts in an online publication (link below) that helps individuals choose the best fit tools for their personal grilling adventure.

In his own words, Cowboy Mike says that under his guidance, “Outlaw Barbecue Revolution strives to be a business that continually searches for ways to serve the world and I can promise you that we won’t always get things right. Part of what we aim to do is put down the mindset of winning & losing with the intent of showing people how to embrace that it is more about achievement & learning. Many people have adopted that losing and failure are end points instead of embracing the inherent value of having a more focused launch point. We aim to continuously serve the world in ways that will make it a better place for those we will never meet because we understand that we are merely stewards of the gifts that we have been given. The aim is to leverage these gifts to set people up for a chance to create something that is even more beautiful than what we could have ever imagined. When you’ve heard us talk about loving people over profits, this is what we are getting at. We labor to live this in the moment that is the present and it is in this moment where the seat of our greatest opportunity lies. When we can help people live here, that is where it all comes together. For me, this is the moment that is worth living. That is where we are headed, and this is our revolution. Follow us if you’re headed that way, too. I’ll see you soon.”

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