Michael Loveranes
Outlaw Barbecue Revolution
3802 Elmwood Ave
Erie PA 16509
C: 814-882-3170
We’re a different sort of animal. We think and act differently because we’ve experienced the many businesses out there that have forgotten that they are here to serve the people. Not just the shareholders. We choose to support the everyday people: our team members & customers; the men and women that have been knocked down a few times; those that have been afforded less opportunity than we have. Being resourceful is no longer enough. We must aim our creative gifts at uplifting as many people as possible and demonstrating kindness in action. This means that, for us, people come first and money is simply the byproduct.

Now is the time to take action, it’s not too late. We’ve all been working hard for a very long time and it should be pretty clear that just “working hard” isn’t the answer. Take a minute, close your eyes, and imagine a world where businesses were designed to be engines that powered the growth of communities. What present day problems would be gone? What new opportunities would people have?   What would it look like if we inspired individuals to choose to put their dollars toward businesses that really take care people and invest directly in communities? We’ve done it to a certain degree. Ever hear of Cyber Monday or Small Business Saturday? Those aren’t mandates. Those are calls to action. A rallying cry to support our own. Together we can create a world of businesses that actually feed people with direct action.

We love barbecue because it is something that feeds people on many different levels. Throughout its history, barbecue has been a way of bringing people together. Setting the stage for people to connect and be social. Those who know, understand that it takes time and patience to develop the skill into an art. We love that barbecue cannot be rushed. We will continually learn and practice our craft to push the boundaries of creating both the tangible and intangible. We desire the ability to pass on these tools to those that have the willingness and patience to learn. We love barbecue because it feeds people in all these different ways.

We understand that we won’t always get it right. We know that we will probably mess up a lot and will have to figure out a lot of things along the way. People see us as outlaws because we think and act differently than society expects of us. That’s ok. We don’t mind.  We understand that changing a mindset can be hard. We’re not about easy. We’re after worth it.  Together we will find the way through, because forward together is the only way through. We’re getting started by adding to the delicious barbecue that is available in our community. We strive to be a business that continually searches for ways to serve the world. To serve in ways that will make it a better place for those we will never meet. That is our revolution.