A new local BBQ business is coming to town! Even though they have yet to open Erie’s newest eatery, UNDERDOG BBQ will be joining the lineup along Ribber Row and competing in the local Rib Fest. They realize that people don’t eat BBQ every day nor do they eat pizza every day and that is why they are celebrating all locally owned businesses. Their plan is to celebrate the local breweries, distilleries, coffee shops, and other restaurants here in town. They are Underdog BBQ and they’re all about Erie Pride! It is about the everyday man and woman who has been knocked down a few times but gets back up. The Underdog is resourceful. Their assets have to do more with their hands and minds than their money. They support and celebrate the hard working people that make Erie and America the greatest country in the world. Support Erie’s own BBQ that will be showcasing Erie . . . Underdog BBQ. Resilient together!